Who we are?

Set up in 2021, We are a group of volunteers who are working to bring a ray of hope and bliss into the life of stray/abandoned dogs. Euphoria Plaza helps everyday people to embrace their kindness. A journey where an animal lover and animals support each other mentally.

Our Mission

We trust in the expression i.e.” Adopt Do not Shop.” Our mission is to provide “forever home” and “respect” for these lovely Indian breeds. We understand that adopting a dog is a choice. We are not trying to demean those who buy dogs. Our purpose is to spread the word among society that your fur friend should not come to your house as a status symbol. No betrayal can be bigger than abandoning your dogs. Therefore, we want to remind society that it is unethical to bring another life into existence when countless precious souls are already dying of hunger, accidents, and lack of love. We want our visitors to come forward and share their joy of being a pet parent. We hope that our stories of successful adoptions and rescues will bring a smile on your face.

Where Did Everything Begin?

Four years back, Snowy came into my life. Because of her, I met souls who were standing for these voiceless. After rescuing her, I could not ignore injustice happening to animals. The unheard voices of homeless dogs around evening time make us feel sad. The battle they face when searching for food and the abuses they need to endure was heartbreaking. Unlawful Breeding and Increasing instances of animal cruelty were all the reasons behind starting this campaign.

    About The Author about me section on website

Hi, I am Kajal Chhetri, owner, and founder of Euphoria Plaza. I was born in West Bengal, a city known for its passion for football. I grew up in Chandigarh. In 2016. when I took admission in college and started exploring, there I began to notice the poor condition of street animals. The zeal for helping them landed me in the tasks of volunteering.

The journey from coward to animal lover

I realized that in Tricity there are no proper services for ownerless animals. While working with animal welfare organizations, I learned basic skills of rescuing, raising funds for medication and food. I act as a reporter for helping an injured animal. I keep myself calm and wait for the rescuer to come until the help to reach them. The step that I take always brings delights and pleasure in the rescuer’s life, reporter, and of course rescuee.

Personal Aim

Through this website and my experiences, I want to create awareness among the society that you do not need to do something big for helping them. A little bit of compassion and care is enough for taking care of your streeties. Moreover, I also want my visitors to share their rescue stories with me. It does not matter if it was a success or not.