Early Life

Hi, I am Kajal Chhetri, owner, and founder of Euphoria Plaza. I was born in West Bengal, a city known for its passion for football. I grew up in Chandigarh. In 2016. when I took admission to college and started traveling, there I began to notice the poor condition of street animals. The zeal for helping them landed me in the tasks of volunteering.

The journey from coward to animal lover

I realized that in Tricity there are no proper services for ownerless animals. While working with animal welfare organizations, I learned basic skills of rescuing, raising funds for medication and food. I act as a reporter for helping an injured animal. I keep myself calm and wait for the rescuer to come until they help to reach them. The step that I take always brings delights and pleasure in the rescuer’s life, reporter, and of course rescuee.

Personal Objective

Through this website and my experiences, I want to create awareness among society that you do not need to do something big for helping them. A little bit of compassion and care is enough for taking care of your streeties. I also want my visitors to share their rescue stories with me. It does not matter if it was a success or not.