Dog skin disease is curable with compassion and medications.
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White dog with skin disease

One lazy afternoon I was chilling in the garden listening to music. Suddenly, a visitor came and looked for something. A white dog with red patches approached me. I noticed that she was suffering from skin disease. Whenever a dog with skin disease appears, I do not why people always react like he/she is a monster. This happens because of the lack of awareness. Interestingly, my adoration for animals awakened, and I was determined to help her. I named her Snowy and empathize with her situation. Eventually, after weeks of feeding, I won her trust.
I started searching for animal rescue organizations and I came across many of these in my cities. While exploring, I came to know the condition of these shelter houses. The condition of these organizations is not what we expect. It is horrible sending her there means making her life worst. I did not want to send her somewhere she can catch the infection. So, I looked for an organization that can treat her on-site. Finally, after some research, I found one which helped me, and with the following seven days of prescription; she became healthy. She generally used to welcome me with her pleasant paws. I was also cherishing the warmth and comfort she gave me during the process of healing.

Happy Ending

Suddenly she disappeared from my locality, and I could not find her. Weeks turned into months, months turned into years, but she did not return. My family continuously wished for her well-being. After 3 years I encountered snowy in awful condition. After recovering from skin disease, we never wanted her to suffer in this state again. Shockingly, she was having maggots on her neck. She was again standing at my door asking for help. We with no delay started her treatment. She went back to her locality once she turned healthy.
Snowy made me realize that you should never forget the one who helps you. You should never forget the kindness and thoughtfulness in you. Much obliged to you Snowy for healing my soul.


Kajal Chhetri, a graduate of (H) writes about her rescue stories, the experience of being a pet parent at the age of 22. She lives in Chandigarh and has 7 street dogs that she takes care of. She believes that music is the best way to create awareness about your own inner life. She loves to analyze crime thriller shows. It can be concluded that evil fascinates her.

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