Rescue dog with his little naughtiness and innocence.
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a rescue dog asking for food

Onyx : The Iron Man

This is the story of a rescue dog who in real changed the perspective of my family. He made them realize that a street dog can also be equally cute. They are surely eligible for adoption too. His story began in the month of January when my brother was returning home from college. He heard the crying voice of the puppy. He searched for him nearby. In deep bushes, he found a neglected puppy without his mother covered with puss and bruises. My brother knew he wanted to rescue him no matter what. He asked locals for cardboard. He picked him up and covered him with blankets. We named him onyx because of his strong willpower to fight for survival. Our family felt disheartened thinking about the hardship he has to go through. At that moment I felt that how can society be so so ignorant. A puppy is crying in the cold weather and nobody even bothered to look at what is wrong happening there. It is truly said that the situation hurts more when kind people chose to be quiet.

The journey of his Recovery

15 days passed, and he recovered partially with the medications. Onyx dominated our house with his cheerful whining. I can never forget his naughtiness and cuteness. The morning routine of my mother begins with his puppy eyes asking for food. Onyx used to adore my mother the most. His habit of sniffing the butts, digging holes, and jumping on us with his dirty paws makes us the happiest soul.

A Lesson to Remember

Unfortunately, that happiness did not last forever. On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, a holy festival of Hindu culture, we woke up with a piece of very disheartening news. I came to know that he crossed the rainbow. His death was definitely painful for our entire family because in a brief period he became a part of our family. Nobody realized that he was hiding under the car. His death taught us a life lesson that we should check underneath the car if any animal is taking shelter or not. You can also honk the horn before starting the car to make sure that animals wake up and escaped safely. Your little caution can help a precious soul not to lose their lives. On one hand, we expect people to be kind. However, on the other hand, we hit these homeless dogs and do not even consider taking them to the hospital. Keep yourself in their shoes and you will realize how painful it can be when you are left alone with no treatment. Please drive carefully.


Kajal Chhetri, a graduate of (H) writes about her rescue stories, the experience of being a pet parent at the age of 22. She lives in Chandigarh and has 7 street dogs that she takes care of. She believes that music is the best way to create awareness about your own inner life. She loves to analyze crime thriller shows. It can be concluded that evil fascinates her.

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