Indian Dogs Adoption : Why they also deserve a chance ?
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Brown and white indian dogs staring

Indie Dogs are adorable. But most dog lovers are hesitant to adopt them due to a lack of guidance. Being a stray is not equivalent to the sick, flea-ridden, and mangy dog. Indian dogs are highly intelligent and can be kept as a pet. Here are few reasons why you should give a chance to our stray:

1. Low-Maintenance

Indian dogs shed the least, which means less time to clean your bed, sofas, and carpet. They are happy with everyday vegetarian foods and can easily digest them. They will be the happiest soul if their hooman companion gives a little space in their heart.

2. Adaptable to Climate

Indie dogs are less prone to disease and they are exceptionally immune. They can effortlessly adjust themselves to the Indian climate too. 

3. Promotion of Desi Breed

Adopting an indie means you are appreciating what we have in our country. You are also standing against illegal breeding and contributing in reducing their population.

4. Loyalty

 Through my personal experience, I can conclude that they are highly protective of their hoomans who feed them regularly. You can expect lifetime loyalty from these Indian dogs. Because you are changing their life, bringing them home from the roads. Just imagine a day where you do not have to sleep hungry and search for food from the trash.

5. Free Vaccination and Sterilizations

Through ABC programs, all the dogs in the community are being sterilized and then released back to their territories. This procedure helps in reducing dog menace created by their overpopulation. If you adopt an Indian dog, you can always ask MC and other NGOs for sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination.

6. Easily Trainable

Indian Dogs are naturally evolved in the streets. They are highly intelligent and can understand human gestures with no training. They also inherit the instinct to protect their territory. Therefore, we can conclude that Indian dogs are easily trainable.


Kajal Chhetri, a graduate of (H) writes about her rescue stories, the experience of being a pet parent at the age of 22. She lives in Chandigarh and has 7 street dogs that she takes care of. She believes that music is the best way to create awareness about your own inner life. She loves to analyze crime thriller shows. It can be concluded that evil fascinates her.

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